The chandeliers

Large chandeliers in the Maria Theresa style is our specialty.17112012-DSC_2062
Your event location, shop, restaurant , pub deserves a chandelier.
A chandelier can create so much decorative impact that almost nothing can beat it.

Why use the chandeliers of Nostalgie BV- Rentalamp? click

  • classic European designs.
  • The style, Austrian Maria Theresa. The most labor intensive chandelier to manufacture, but one of the most beautiful chandeliers.
  • All in “silver”. They will fit in modern and classic interior.
  • even with a low ceiling it is possible to hang a large voluminous chandelier.
  • one style collection of lamps and chandeliers. Therefore all our lamp can be used together.
  • professional quality. Available in glass or crystal.
  • full-size lamps, the biggest chandeliers on the European market.
  • large stock, new and used.
  • The attractive prices.

And also:

  • good logistics contacts.
  • we will help with planning, and we will offer you the cheapest transport options.
  • we have our own hoist / lift and transport equipment, therefore we can offer you a fast and flexible service.
  • more then 25 years experience in repairing /manufacturing /restoring /advising and hanging of chandeliers.

The prizes: attractive
B2B only.

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